Winter operation
Sapporo ⇔ Rusutsu Resort
Advance reservation is required / Free Shuttle
Exclusively for customers using Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Free Shuttle
2023 We are accepting reservations for the winter season。

Please check the Rusutsu Resort website for ski resort operations.。>>

Bringing Rusutsu Resort closer to you!
Deadline for reservations on the website: one days prior to the date of use.  (15:00 local time】、Please make a reservation using the reservation form below.。

・The seats will not be full until the deadline.。 We will increase the number of vehicles in operation according to the number of reservations.。
・ If there are no reservations made in advance、Scheduled buses can be canceled.。
Please note that、the bus service is subject to change due to changes in the business hours of the facilities.。

Please be sure to contact us、if you wish to cancel your reservation after it has been made.。

Departs at Sapporo:Departs from around Kamori Building 3
2023, November 25(Sat)~March 31, 2024(Sun)
Pick up Point (Meeting Place) 3101 time
Departure Kamori Building 38:00
Break ↓ Nakayama Pass
Arrival Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention、 (day trip and Hotel guests)10:00
Arrival The Westin Rusutsu Resort (Customer limited accommodation)10:10
Arrival The Vale Rusutsu (For hotel guests only)10:20
[Meeting Place / Reception Time]

 North 4 West4 -1 Kamori Building 3, Chuo-ku Sapporo
* 2 minutes walk from the south exit of Sapporo Station。Kamori Building 3 is southeast of Asty 45、Lawson is on the 1st floor, and the south side of Hotel Gracery Sapporo。。
・Reception will be available 30 minutes prior to departure. (depending on the number of buses)
・Unassigned seats.
・ There is a break on the way (Nakayama Pass about、10 min)

Please check in at the reception counter of Kamori Building 3 first floor before boarding.。

Departing from Rusutsu Resort
2023, November 25(Sat)~March 31, 2024(Sun)
Pick up Point (Meeting Place) 3102 time
Departure The Vale Rusutsu (For hotel guests only)16:40
Departure Westin Rusutsu Resort (Customer limited accommodation)16:50
Departure Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention、 (day trip and Hotel guests)17:00
No break ↓×
Arrival Kamori building ③19:00
[Meeting Place / Reception Time]

<Main entrance of each hotel> ・ Reception will be available 30 to 15 minutes before departure (depending on the number of buses)
・Unassigned seats.
・No break on the trip back.

Before boarding, make sure to check in with the staff waiting at the meeting place (Pick up pint) .。Please use the restroom,、and all your businesses before boarding the bus.。

Sapporo boarding location (Kamori building 3)

Reservations and inquiries cancellation

Reservations must be made in advance.

【Reservation deadline :1 days prior to the date of departure. 15:00 local time】、Please apply from the reservation site。

※ Employees cannot make reservations online.、Employees are only allowed to reserve seats on the shuttle bus through the General Administration Department。 if there are any available seats.。

  • ※ We accept reservations up to 15:00 Local time. 、 Please note、reservations are required.。
  • ※For those who do not show up after the registration time、The bus will departure on time。
  • ※ There may be a delay、canceled the service caused by road conditions, weather conditions, etc。
  • ※ The bus route can change without notice due to safety、weather conditions and route conditions。
  • ※ There is a case where we may change to a Jumbo taxi/taxi services.。
  • ※ Bring your equipment to the bus、snowboard, or golf bag along with one suitcase on the bus.。 Please note that snow scooters, bicycles, etc. cannot be brought or kept on the bus.。 Wearing ski boots、and hard boots snowboard will be refused。
  • * Pets and other animals are not allowed in the car. 。"Pets"、Handicapped assistance dogs, such as guide dogs and hearing dogs and refers to all animals except the dog with them the same ability。Please inform us when you make a reservation、if you are traveling with an assistance dog.。
  • ※ Service start date、there is a case to change without notice in accordance with the opening of the facility。