privacy policy the vulcanizing Mori Kanko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter、According to the privacy of you and the Company)、Personal information you provide from the customer、Order to achieve a thorough protection recognizes the importance、In accordance with policies set out below、We shall be properly treated as a business operator handling personal information。

■ definition of personal information

Personal information handled by the Company、Among the Company's web site and our facilities you provide from your use has been customer information、Full name、Street address、phone number、mail address、Such as date of birth、It refers to the information that can be personally identifiable。

■ acquisition of personal information

Acquisition of your personal information、Done by appropriate and fair means。

■ use of personal information

Personal information that I am allowed to get from customers、It will be used for the following purposes。If there is any change in your health condition during your stay、You may want to use personal information for the purpose no published in the following in a separate service。In that case、Media corresponding web site or that of the individual services (for example,:And publish a notice in the mail magazine, etc.)。 (The main purpose)
Company and pressurized forest tourism group (below、Service facilities and hotel and the pressurizing forest tourism group) operated For the provision and confirmation, billing and payment of the product or the like。
In order to deliver a notice of such services and products Event Sale campaign pressurized forest tourism group is carried out in the facilities and hotels, which operates in means such as e-mail magazine, mailing and telephone。
For confirmation and mosquitoes forest tourism group of the registration of that from the customer to the various subscription service facilities and hotels pressurized forest tourism group operated to provide a service from the facility and hotels, which operates to various members like。
Since the pressurized forest tourism group that had you apply from customers to send you the prize, etc. for such sweepstakes, which operates。
In order to give your answer to your comments and questions from the facilities and hotel pressurized forest tourism group operated。
Aggregate statistically processed information personal information、Since the pressurized forest tourism group help improvement of facilities and hotel services to operate。
In order to send a questionnaire to help the improvement of services from facilities and hotel pressurized forest tourism group operated to the customer。
Commodity Ya who purchase、In order to contact the important matters related to service facilities and hotel pressurized forest tourism group operated。

■ for the provision of personal information to a third party

The Company、In addition to the above、In the following cases、In the range minimum necessary without obtaining your consent you may want to provide your personal information to third parties。
If pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations。
Your life、health、property、If necessary in order to protect the rights, etc.、When it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent。 In terms of national or local governments, etc. to practice the public affairs、In a case where there is a need to cooperate、If there is a possibility to interfere with the execution of the office comes out by obtaining the customer's consent。
For research and analysis for the purpose of service improvements usage trends and provide、If you want to provide to a third party in the form of statistical information that can not be personally identifiable。

■ outsourcing of

The Company、Although there is a case to entrust a part of the business to the outside for the provision of services to customers、We may provide personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes against subcontractors。in this case、Including the conclusion of a contract related to the handling of personal information between these subcontractors、Make the appropriate supervision。

■ Management of Personal Information

The Company、It relates to the handling of personal information、We will comply with the content, which is defined in such as guidelines for Personal Information Protection Law and the protection of personal information in accordance with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport competent field。Also、In accordance with rules on the handling of personal information in our company、Place the management responsible for handling personal information、It will be conducted to continue to regularly review and employee education required of the compliance program。These、Your personal information、Maintain accurate and up-to-date、We will implement appropriate management of such unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage of personal information。

■ disclosure、correction、Delete、add to、Stop use、Erasing

For personal information data held by the Company、(1) Disclosure、(2) correction、Delete、add to、Or (3) if you wish to be one of the discontinuance of use erasing support、Please request to the following inquiries。If you than your own has gotten charged in a predetermined manner、In terms of people who have claimed that I am allowed to make sure that your identity、We will cope with a reasonable period of time and scope。Except、The person in question or a third party of life、health、If there is a risk of harm to property, etc.、If it produces a significant hindrance to the implementation of the Company's business、Or if that will be in violation of other laws and regulations、There is a case to be refused in whole or in part of your claim。Also by the suspension of use or erasure、Because there not be able to provide a service in line with the reluctantly request、Please request on the forewarned。

■ Other

The Company to implement the handling of more appropriate personal information in、It will be changed from time to time this privacy policy。If this privacy policy is modified enough to cause major changes to the collection and usage of your personal information、We are due to be published the contents of the change on the official web site、To notify in advance。Changes to this Privacy Policy、As a general rule the Company from doing the above notification 30 Although it enabled by day、It may affect previously to the use of personal information that we notice about the change。if、For your personal information that has been provided to us、If that is not granted a significant change to our collection or use method、Please inform the following inquiries。If there is any change in your health condition during your stay、Regardless of whether or not the customer is a notification、Changes to this Privacy Policy、Please note that applies to personal information that is provided to us after the effective date。