Winter operation
New Chitose Airport ⇔ Rusutsu Resort
Advance reservation is required / Fare charged bus
Exclusively for customers using Rusutsu Resort
2023Year winter of operation has ended。

Please note that 、the bus service period is subject to change due to changes in the operating periods of facilities.。
For more information, please check the Rusutsu Resort website.。

Reservation deadline: 7 days prior to the date of departure (24:00 local time】、Please make a reservation using the reservation form below.。
・The seats will not be full until the deadline.。We will increase the number of vehicles depending on the number of reservations.。
・Scheduled buses can be canceled, if there are no reservations made in advance.。
・Reservations can be made as long as seats are available after the deadline has passed.。 For more information, please contact us by e-mail.。

Departs at New Chitose Airport
Operation period November 25, 2023(Sat)~March 30, 2024(Sat) Flights marked with ● will operate from Saturday, December 9th.。
Pick up Point (Meeting Place) 1101 bus and time●11031105 bus and time●1107●11091111 bus and time●11131115 bus and time
Boarding only New Chitose Airport International Terminal×●10:5512:20●13:05●14:0515:05●16:50×
Boarding only New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal09:50●11:0512:30●13:15●14:1515:15●17:0019:40
There is a break ↓
Drop off only Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention11:50●13:0514:30●15:15●16:1517:15●19:0021:50
Drop off only Westin Rusutsu Resort 12:00●13:1514:40●15:25●16:2517:25●19:1022:00
Drop off only The Verrussutsu12:10●13:2514:50●15:35●16:3517:35●19:2022:10

※ Bus# with ● will operate from Saturday, December 9, 2023.。
1101※ Bus#1101 and 1115 depart from the domestic terminal only。

○Departure time20minutes before the bus departure time, please be at the registered Check in meeting place.So、Please pay attention to your connecting times.

Estimated time required for bus departure
Connecting from a domestic flight →More than 45 minutes from flight arrival time
Connecting from international flights →More than 90 minutes from flight arrival time

○ Check in counter at the airport.
Domestic check in meeting place: Bigruns counter
International terminal : Near the information desk on the 1st floor (staff will be on standby only during check in time)。)

○ Break after departure
There will be a 10 minute stop along the way.。

○ Arrival place/Drop-off location
  Stops only when each hotel is open.。

Departs at Rusutsu Resort
Operation period November 26, 2023(Sun)~March 31, 2024(Sun)  Flights marked with ● will operate from Sunday, December 10th.。
Pick up Point (Meeting Place) 1102 bus and time●1104 1106 bus and time1108 bus and time●11101112 bus and time●1114
Ride only The Verrussutsu08:10●09:4011:1012:10●13:4015:40●17:10
Ride only The Westin Rusutsu Resort08:20●09:5011:2012:20●13:5015:50●17:20
Ride only Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention08:30●10:0011:3012:30●14:0016:00●17:30
No break ↓×××××××
Drop off only New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal10:30●12:0013:3014:30●16:0018:00●19:30
Drop off only New Chitose Airport International Terminal10:40●12:1013:4014:40●16:1018:10●19:40

※ Bus# with ● will operate from Sunday, December 10, 2023.。

○ Please pay attention to the connecting time when connecting to an airline.。
  Estimated time required from arrival at New Chitose Airport to flight departure
Connecting to a domestic flight →50 minutes or more
Connecting to an international flight →90 minutes or more
It takes about two hours to get to the airport.。

○ Meeting Place
  At least 10 minutes before departure time、at least 15 minutes before the departure time.。
The Bus will stop only during the opening period of each hotel.。

○ Break after departure
There is no break.。Please use the restroom、 shopping and all your businesses before boarding the bus.。

○ Arrival place/Drop-off location
Bus drop-off lane at each terminal.

Domestic accepted location
International acceptance location

Bus Fare

Travel fees for online reservations

Prices are per person per seat((Single Trip))"No Child Discount" 4,000 JPY(Consumption tax 364 yen included)

・For online reservations, advance payment must be made by credit card.。
・Prices for reservations made other than online are:、4,500Yen (one way)、consumption tax included)。We will inform you about the payment method at the time of reservation.。
・ Under 2 years old、who do not require a seat are free.。

Cancellation fee
Regarding cancellation of reservation、You will be charged the following cancellation fee by the cancellation date。
The day before the travel day 40% of the travel price
Same day prior to departure- 50%
On the day of travel (after departure) or without contact 100% of travel price.

Reservations and inquiries cancellation

This is a recruitment-type planned travel product.。the travel conditions, and the travel business signs before applying 、through the reservation website below.。
【Reservation deadline 7 days prior to the date of departure、24:00 local time.】



*After the above deadline、we will accept applications、as long as they are in operation and seats are available.。desired date、time、Please contact us by entering the number of people in the form below.。

    If the hotel business period changes、Changed bus schedule、Or there is a case to reduce the number of flights。

  • ○ It will be a recruitment type planning travel product。
  • ○Minimum number of participants: 1。Tour conductor will not accompany.。
  • ○Tour price includes consumption tax、Fare per person。There are no child rates.。
  • ○ Reservation acceptance deadline is、24:00 local time 7 days before the desired date。
  • ○ It will not be full until the deadline。We will increase the number of vehicles depending on the number of reservations.。
  • ○Flights without reservations by the deadline above will be suspended.。In addition, we will not stop at departure and arrival locations without reservations.。
  • ○ When applying、The following fields are required。① Boarding date、②Flight number of desired bus、③ Number of passengers、④ Accommodation hotel name、⑤ Accommodation reservation name、⑥ Bus reservation name、⑦ Phone number
  • ○ Each passenger is allowed to check in one suitcase and one ski, snowboard, or golf bag in the bus trunk.、.、. 、one suitcase and one ski, snowboard, or golf bag in the bus trunk.。If you have more than that please notify us.、.。
  • ○Please note that snowscoots, bicycles, etc. cannot be brought in or checked in.。Wearing ski boots、and hard boots snowboard will be refused。
  • ○Pets and other animals cannot be brought into the vehicle.。※"Pets、Handicapped assistance dogs, such as guide dogs and hearing dogs and refers to all animals except the dog with them the same ability。Please inform us when you make a reservationif you are traveling with an assistance dog.、.。
  • ○ If you are unable to come before the reception closes due to personal reasons,、You may not be able to ride。In that case、The bus will depart on time、Please note that we are not responsible for this.。If you are unable to board the bus, you will be responsible for transportation arrangements and expenses yourself.。Also、Refund of bus price will be done according to the cancellation policy。
  • ○ If you are unable to make your reservation in time for the bus due to flight arrival delays , weather or airline circumstances、we will arrange next available shuttle bus for you. 、.、We may adjust the time of the reserved bus.。
  • ○ If there is available addition seating, you could change your shuttle.、If there is available additional seating, you could change to another shuttle.、.、.。
  • ○ Due to circumstances、 There is a case where we may change to a Jumbo taxi or taxi services instead of a bus. 。
  • ○Bus services may change due to flight schedules.。
  • ○ Road closures due to weather or accidents、If there is no prospect of safe operation due to expressway closures.、Operation time may be delayed or canceled。*We may guide you to other means of transportation such as JR.、 Refund of bus fare、I cannot。If you use other means of transportation, you will have to pay.。
  • ○There is a parking place where our staff is absent.、Please note that there is no broadcast information or call when the bus arrives or departs.。