2020Summer Run
Sapporo ⇔ Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Free Shuttle
【Lodging、Customers only, free of the Day]
4/6Reservations scheduled to start

4/6Reservation start is scheduled。Please wait for a while。
Of the amusement park business, please check here。

Rusutsu Resort more familiar! Period in service every day if there is a sign up!
To use the、The day before 17:00Application is required to。
We will adjust the bus of the number according to the number of reservations to deadline。(There is a case to be two or more。)
Your application is not day、We will consider it as suspended service。Please note。
Day of customers、Please getting on and off at Rusutsu Resort Hotel (amusement park side)。
The Westin Resort Rusutsu getting on and off the、It will be limited to hotel guests in the hotel。

Cancellation of after your My name is included in the room rate is、Please contact me。

Sapporo:Kamori building 3 shots
202029 April (Wed)- 11 October(Sun)、17Sun(Sat)、18Sun(Sun) 
During operation
Starting Kamori building ③08:0012:00
Break (Nakayama Pass) ↓
Arrival Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention (North and South)10:0014:00
Arrival Westin Rusutsu Resort (Guests only)10:1014:10

Kamori building ③ 1F counter or Lawson before
※ guidance scheduled to start more than 30 minutes before departure。Bus car free seat。
Different operating period by flights ※。7/232 flights a day to 8/23、Everything else is operating one flight a day。

Rusutsu Resort onset
202029 April (Wed)- 11 October(Sun)、17Sun(Sat)、18Sun(Sun) 
During operation
Starting Westin Rusutsu Resort (Customer limited accommodation)16:50You can not rideYou can not ride16:20
Starting Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention (Day、House guests) airport17:0021:1520:0016:30
Break ↓××××
Arrival Kamori building ③19:0023:1522:0018:30

Each hotel front door
※ guidance scheduled to start from around 15 minutes before departure。Bus car free seat。
Different operating period by flights ※。7/23~8/23、9/19To 21 2 flights a day、Everything else is operating one flight a day。

Sapporo boarding location (Kamori building 3)

Reservations and inquiries cancellation

By prior appointment

The day before your scheduled departure date、17:00The reservation site until、Or please make a reservation by e-mail and telephone。



※ can only be available if those employees have a vacant seat、Reservation from the Internet can not be accepted。Please offer Affairs in advance。

  • ※ available the day before 17:00 It will be accepted up to、For appointment、Advance reservations with no flights Please note that we do not service。
  • ※ With regard to customers that are not your set even after the departure time、I do not do is to wait for the basically customers。
  • ※ strives to scheduled service、It might have to delay, canceled the service caused by road conditions, weather conditions, etc.。
  • ※ diamond-service route and the like of the bus、There is a case to change without notice due to safety, weather conditions and air diamond such as a change of rooms。
  • ※ There is a case to be a service in the course of change or jumbo Taxi Taxi by convenience。
  • ※ bring your paraphernalia to the bus、Ski Snowboard golf bag accommodation of your luggage will be limited to (change of clothes, etc.)。 Snowscoot, such as a bicycle equity Chikomi · Contact custody, please note that you can not。 Ski boots、Ride in hard boots snowboard will be refused。Bring to an animal in the car of a pet such as a can not please understand。
  • ※"Pets、Handicapped assistance dogs, such as guide dogs and hearing dogs and refers to all animals except the dog with them the same ability。Guests with assistance dogs、Please let us know at the time of booking。
  • ※ service start date、There is a case to change without notice in accordance with the opening of the facility。