2020Summer Run
New Chitose Airport ⇔ Rusutsu Resort
Bigruns Bus
[Customers only and pay of those who stay]
WEB Now accepting

2020YOUR being accepted year summer of reservation。
* Due to changes in the business period of the facility, etc.、There are also changes in the bus service period。
We apologize for the inconvenience.、Thank you for your understanding。

Please check the website of the Rusutsu Resort For more information about hotels。

From the entrance to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido to Rusutsu Resort、Peace of mind comfort of shuttle bus。
When you use the、7 days before your check-in day 18:00Please apply to up to。
We will adjust the bus of the number according to the number of reservations to deadline。(There is a case to be two or more。)
Flights with no sign up by the deadline will be taken as a suspended service、Please note。
Also、Use will be made only with your Rusutsu Resort accommodation。Sign up、In your name accommodation representative bidder、Please give me the input of the passenger vehicle location according to the accommodation hotel。

※ This plan will be the service, which was intended only for customers of Rusutsu Resort accommodation。

New Chitose Airport onset
Operation period July 1, 2020(water)- 2020 November 2(month)* The situation there is a possibility to change。
Starting New Chitose Airport (International Terminal)09:50-14:3517:20
Starting New Chitose Airport (domestic terminal)10:0012:0014:4517:30
Break ↓×
Arrival Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention (North and South) wearing12:00 14:0016:4519:30
Arrival Westin Rusutsu Resort (Formerly Rusutsu Tower) wearing ※ 112:1014:10 16:55 19:40
New Chitose Airport、Domestic flights in up to 20 minutes before departure、International Please complete your acceptance to up to 15 minutes before。
The time required from flight arrival until bus departure
Arrival in the domestic、Starting from the domestic → 45 minutes or more (for example, ANA55 Flight 09:30Arrival ⇒ bus 2203 flight 12:00Domestic Departure)
Arrival at the international、Starting from the international → 60 minutes or more (for example, CX580 flight 14:50Arrival ⇒ bus 2207 Flight 17:20International departure)
Arrival at the international、Starting from the domestic → 90 minutes or more

Otaki in the village (about 60 minutes from the airport) is scheduled for toilet break。(2207 Flight There is no break。)
Each hotel、Stop only open period。

Rusutsu Resort onset
Operation period July 2, 2020(wood)- 2020 November 3(Fire and holidays)* The situation there is a possibility to change。
Starting Westin Rusutsu Resort (Formerly Rusutsu Tower)08:5010:5013:5015:50
Starting Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention (North and South)09:0011:0014:0016:00
Break ↓××××
Arrival New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal11:0013:0016:0018:00
Arrival New Chitose Airport International Terminal11:1013:1016:1018:10
Each hotel、Stop only open period。
There is no break。

Domestic accepted location
International acceptance location


Rusutsu Resort hotel guests Price

You alone like(Adult, child same amount)"one way" 3,100Circle(tax included)

• This bus、It will be the Rusutsu Resort Hotel's private bus。
- Prices will come with the room。Please pay at the hotel front。

  • ※ day of your、If employees、WEB reservation can not be accepted。
    Operation is confirmed、It can only be available if there is a vacant seat、You can check than 5 days before your date of use。
    (One way one seat 3,600 yen)
    Call us、Please contact the operation status by e-mail。

Reservations and inquiries cancellation

Rusutsu Resort hotel guests

Always travel contract terms and conditions, travel conditions Form-tourism label on the confirmation、Please make your reservation from the reservation site。
7 days before the reservation deadline available Date、18:00



※ after the deadline、It can be accepted as long as there is a vacant seat。
For more information, please contact us by phone and e-mail。
※※ Rusutsu person accommodation in addition to the resort, please contact us by phone and e-mail。

  • ※ This Big Lands issue、Customers will be dedicated service time you stay to Rusutsu Resort。
  • ※ line staff a minimum of reminders。Tour conductor will not accompany。
  • ※ consumption tax、It becomes a per person fee。
  • ※ available Date 7 days ago 18:00It will be accepted up to、For appointment、Advance reservations with no flights Please note that we do not service。
  • ※ at the time of booking、Accommodation representative's name、Number of people、Mobile phone number of the person who is boarding、Please inform me of the aircraft available flights。
  • ※ operation schedule is the departure time。10 minutes before the New Chitose Airport、So that we can start to move into the bus lane、Please complete your always accepted in up to 20 minutes before departure time。When the accepted have not already、You may not be able to boarding Please note。
  • ※ With regard to customers that are not your set even after the acceptance time、I do not do that to wait basically。
  • ※ strives to scheduled service、If the prospect of safe operation is not standing by the road conditions, weather conditions, etc.、Delay or、It may be suspended service。
  • ※ diamond-service route and the like of the bus、There is a case to change without notice due to safety, weather conditions and air diamond such as a change of rooms。
  • ※ There is a case to be a service in the course of change or jumbo Taxi Taxi by convenience。
  • ※ bring your paraphernalia to the bus、And any one set of skiing, snowboarding, golf bag、It will be limited to up to one suitcase。 Snowscoot, such as a bicycle equity Chikomi · Contact custody, please note that you can not。 Ski boots、Ride in hard boots snowboard will be refused。Bring to an animal in the car of a pet such as a can not please understand。
  • ※"Pets、Handicapped assistance dogs, such as guide dogs and hearing dogs and refers to all animals except the dog with them the same ability。Guests with assistance dogs、Please let us know at the time of booking。
  • ※ For cancellation of bookings、You will be charged the following cancellation fee by the cancellation date。
    Book flights to 100% of the 50% booking flights operating after the termination or non-contact non-participating travel fee of 40% booking flights operating on the day trip price of the day before travel cost of the service