Limited time offer / Go To Travel Pack
Designated Hotel in Sapporo City ⇔ Sapporo Teine
Bigruns Bus
[Day trip products, travel price discount + regional common coupon target]
On sale-end of sale when capacity is reached (remaining):568席 12/02現在)

Go To Travel Business、Disseminate the way of traveling based on the "new lifestyle" in the era of with corona、It is something to settle。「Observances for using Go To TravelPlease be sure to read、I would like a safe and secure trip。
promise、If you cannot cooperate、We decided not to allow the use of the Go To travel business、The secretariat may request a refund of benefits。
For more informationPlease check on the secretariat website >>

1Use until 31st of March、Go To Travel PackOrDominwari PackIs a great deal! !!Compare with other plans >>

[Sales conditions]
"Matters to be observed when using Go To Travel"Those who agree with。
(Because it will be carried out for all participants including accompanying persons、A driver's license that can verify your identityDocuments with photos, etc.Please bring。)
・ Smartphone or、Being able to make reservations from a PC
・ Advance payment by credit card is possible

【Product Content】
Round-trip bus price + lift gondola 8-hour ticket + meal ticket 1,000 yen

= Travel price (including consumption tax) =
・ Adults (junior high school students and above):5,200Yen (35% equivalent to the regular price of 8,000 yen, 2,800 yen discount)
・ Children (4 years old to elementary school students):3,575Yen (35% equivalent to the regular price of 5,500 yen, 1,925 yen discount)
* Without using the bus、lift pass、Meal ticket、Although it is possible to use only regional coupons、The price does not change。
= Capacity =
670 seats
(As soon as the national benefits reach the upper limit、It will be discontinued。)
= During operation =
2020December 16, 2016 (water) ~ January 31, 2021 (Sun)
* Travel to Sapporo city、12The service period is subject to change as it is excluded from the Go To Travel discount until the 15th of March.。

Flow from payment to use

(1) Make payment first ・ From your smartphone / PC
・ Please apply from the "Reservation on the site" below.、Please make the payment first。
・ Please select 1/26 regardless of the date of use
・ You will receive a payment completion email.、Please be sure to write down your reservation ID。


(2) Decide the date of use ・ From your smartphone / PC
・ After payment is completed、Please make a reservation to specify the date and boarding / alighting place from the link in the confirmation email.。
・ Paid ID and address of representative、Please enter your name。
・ The deadline for reservations is 7 days before the date of use.、Until then it will not be full。


(3) Get on the bus
・ Please come to the boarding place specified at the time of application。
・ The staff will give you a voucher。
* For customers who do not use the bus、Please tell us your reservation ID and reservation name at the ticket office。


(4) Ticket office
・ Please present the voucher you received when boarding the bus。
・ We will give you a lift ticket, a meal ticket and a regional coupon.。
(We will verify the identity of all participants, including their companions.、Driver's license etc.Documents with photosPlease bring。)

!! !! Please be careful! !!

・ After payment、You don't have to schedule it right away。For example、Just pay first、12You can also decide the schedule after the beginning of the month。
・ We accept orders as long as there are vacant seats even after the deadline for selecting the date of use.。Please contact us by email or phone。
・ After February 01, 2021 (Monday)、Not available as a Go To Travel Pack even if paid。Waiver、No refunds。

[Flight 4401] Depart from Sapporo city center
2020December 16,(water)~ January 31, 2021(Sun)* This is the period for using the Go To Travel Pack.
Time / boarding / alighting placeStreet address
07:45/Sapporo Excel Hotel Tokyu(2020You can board from Saturday, December 26, 2014)5-420, Minami 8jo Nishi, Chuo Ward
07:50/Hotel Mystays Premier Sapporo Park2-2-10 Minami 9jo Nishi, Chuo Ward
08:00/Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel5-1, Minami 4jo Nishi, Chuo Ward
08:05/Hotel Sunroute New SapporoChuo-ku Minami 2-jo Nishi 6-chome
08:15/Sapporo Prince HotelChuo-ku Minami 2-jo Nishi 11-chome
08:25/New Otani Inn Sapporo1-1-1, Kita 2-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku
08:30/Kamori building ③Kita 4 West 4-1, Chuo Ward
08:35/Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo7-2-1 Kita 5jo Nishi, Chuo Ward
No break
09:25/Olympia Ski Center593 Teinehoncho, Teine-ku
09:35/Hyland Ski Center172 Teinekanayama, Teine-ku

[Collection] places
Each hotel front before or Kamori building ③ (4 Jo Nishi 4-chome, Kita) 1F Lawson before
[Collection] Time
10 minutes before the departure time

After the meeting、The clerk will guide you to the bus。
It does not stop to not getting on and off place reservation。

[4402] Depart from Sapporo Teine
2020December 16,(water)~ January 31, 2021(Sun)* This is the period for using the Go To Travel Pack.
Time / boarding / alighting placeStreet address
16:40/Hyland Ski Center593 Teinehoncho, Teine-ku
16:50/Olympia Ski Center593 Teinehoncho, Teine-ku
No break
17:50~18:50/Designated hotel in Sapporo city、Or Kamori Building(Sapporo Excel Hotel Tokyu can get off from Saturday, December 26, 2020)

[Collection] places
Highland Ski Center 1F、Or parking lot in front of Olympia Ski Center
[Collection] Time
10 minutes before the departure time

Relates After you set will guide until the bus。
It does not stop to not getting on and off place reservation。

Only pre-payment by credit card。

[Go To Travel Pack] This is the amount after receiving support from the government.。
Round-trip bus price + lift gondola 8-hour ticket + meal ticket 1,000 yen
15% of the total travel price will be issued as a regional coupon。

Adults More than junior high school students 5,200Circle(tax included)(Equivalent to 65% of the regular price of 8,000 yen)
Children 4Years old to elementary school students 3,575Circle(tax included)(Equivalent to 65% of the regular price of 5,500 yen)

Reservations and inquiries cancellation

you have toTravel contract agreementTravel conditions bookTravel Industry logoAfter confirming、Please apply from the form below。
* Limited quantity of Go To Travel Pack、Sales will end when the capacity is reached。



  • ※ line staff a minimum of reminders
  • * Tour conductor will not accompany you。
  • ※ consumption tax、It becomes a per person fee。
  • ※ For cancellation of bookings、You will be charged the following cancellation fee by the cancellation date。
    7 to 2 days before reserved flight operation 30% of travel price / 1 day before reserved flight operation 40% of travel price / 50% of travel price on the day of reserved flight operation / cancellation after reserved flight operation or non-contact non-participation of travel price 100%
  • * If the service period (Wednesday, December 16, 2020-Sunday, January 31, 2021) has passed、Even if you have already paid, you will not be eligible for the Domin Discount。Waiver、No refunds。
  • * Not applicable for business purposes。
  • * Resale at transfer or auction is prohibited.。We do not allow anyone other than the holder listed on the voucher given on the day to use the ticket.。