About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus of service bus

To prevent infection and spread of new coronaviruses、We are working to strengthen hygiene。
We request that you use the disinfectant solutions that are provided at each facility.。 Regarding the staff、Hand wash、Thorough gargling、While confirming physical condition when going to work、Considering the health and safety of our customers and public health、I am wearing a mask。

[Temperature measurement]
We will carry out temperature measurement before boarding。37.5Customers who refuse more than once will not be allowed to board。We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.。

[Disinfecting fingers and wearing a mask]
Please disinfect your fingers before boarding.。
Also、If you have a mask, please wear it.、When you cough or sneeze, please use a mask, tissue, handkerchief, sleeves to keep your mouth and nose cough etiquette thoroughly.。

The number of seats is secured so that the seat next to it can be vacant。(Family、Group may ask for a shared seat)

We instruct the operating bus company to carry out the following contents。
・ Ventilation inside the vehicle for each operation : Before or after the start of operation or while waiting、Open windows and doors for ventilation。
・ Ventilation inside the vehicle during operation : Running、Ventilation may be performed by opening the window。
*In the car、By turning on the ventilation function、The air changes in about 5 minutes。See also the reference video below。
・ Strengthening cleaning / disinfection work : Pay particular attention to handrails that you touch directly。
・ Management of physical condition of crew : Conduct temperature measurement before starting work,Thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect your fingers、Wear a mask during operation。
reference:Ventilation test video inside a large bus (from Mitsubishi Fuso HP)