About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus of service bus

Introduction、We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the new coronavirus infection.。We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all medical professionals who continue to work hard.。
In the big lands、Based on the "New Hokkaido Style" relief declaration announced towards the practice of the "new lifestyle" presented by the country、We are working to strengthen hygiene。
As the situation changes、Customer、And considering the safety of employees、There is a possibility that the business form will be changed suddenly.、We appreciate your understanding.。

[Temperature measurement]
・Implement temperature measurement before boarding
・Customers over 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to board

[Disinfecting fingers and wearing a mask]
・Hand disinfection before boarding、When boarding、Please be sure to wear a mask even in the car
・ Eating and drinking in the car、For long hours and loud conversations、please do not。
・When talking、On wearing a mask、Please whisper
・ Drinking in the car is prohibited.

・We secure the number of seats so that we do not share seats with customers of other groups (Please share your seat with family and friends)

Instruct the operating bus company to do the following:。
・ Ventilation inside the vehicle for each operation : Before or after the start of operation or while waiting、Open windows and doors for ventilation
・ Ventilation inside the vehicle during operation : Running、Ventilation may be performed by opening the window (summer only)。Do not open in winter to prevent freezing。)
·cleaning、Strengthening disinfection work : Pay particular attention to handrails that you touch directly
・ Management of physical condition of crew : Conduct temperature measurement before starting work、Hand wash、Thoroughly disinfect your fingers、Wear a mask during operation
*About ventilation inside the bus、Please also see the experimental images below.。
By turning on the ventilation function、The air changes in about 5 minutes。
reference:Ventilation experiment video inside a large bus (from Mitsubishi Fuso HP) * Jumbo taxis, minibuses, etc. may be operated due to circumstances.。