Notes on Rusutsu No. congestion

Golden Week、Summer vacation、Consecutive holidays, etc.、When the number of the reservation is large、It is expected is very crowded。
17:00On or after、We will inform the next day of the number at the following page、Thank you so you can refer to us。
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Check the tomorrow of the service number

<If the number is 200 people or less, or the bus is less than five of the reservation>
Specify the bus for you to ride at the time of confirmation of your name。All buses will depart to the time of the timetable。
<Number of people is 200 people or more, or the number of the bus is more than six of the reservation>
You may be allowed to omit the confirmation of your name to shorten the reception time。
Boarding from ready customers、 As soon as it is fully booked、1There is a case to be starting any time prior to the time table by table。
In that case、The final car will be the starting time of the timetable。
There is a case where you wait in line until the boarding。
Because you will wait in the car to not get down after the ride、Such as restroom, shopping is、Please complete your sure before lined up in row。

For the safe and comfortable operation、I will your understanding and your cooperation of everybody。