Rusutsu: The number of buses scheduled to operate the next day and the process from registration to boarding

17:00 On or after、We will inform you of the number of vehicles scheduled to operate the next day。
Summer / winter vacation、Consecutive holidays, etc.、Congestion is expected on days when there are many buses。
For customers who have a reservation、Please gather with plenty of time。
For the safe and comfortable operation、I will your understanding and your cooperation of everybody。

2022October 8th (earth)
Number of buses departing from Sapporo
5 Buses
Number of buses departing from Rusutsu Resort
4 Buses
* Congestion is expected for 4 or more cars。
<Flow from reception of Sapporo departure bus to boarding>

1Receive the ticket at the counter on the 1st floor of the Kamori Building ⇒Please tell us the name of the reservation。Please also use a disinfectant spray
Check the temperature at the counter ⇒ Those who are above 37.5 ° C cannot board。
2Finish the restroom ⇒ There is no restroom in the car。After getting on the bus, you cannot get off until the break at Nakayama Pass。
3Please move to the boarding place after all the members are together。
4Give the ticket to the staff、Get on。(Seats are unreserved)
⇒ Until the bus is ready、You may have to wait in line。
⇒We plan to ride about 30 people per vehicle。We will depart one by one as soon as the capacity is reached。
* Tickets for flights departing from Rusutsu Resort、There is no temperature measurement。

During infection prevention measures for the new coronavirus ...
・ Wear a mask in the car、Meal、Please refrain from loud and long conversations。
・ Drinking is prohibited。
・ We are adjusting the number of seats so that we do not share seats with customers in other groups.。Family、Please share a table with your companion。
Please refer to this page for other measures。→ About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus