Under construction Request when boarding the Rusutsu in winter

17:00On or after、We will inform you of the number of vehicles scheduled to operate the next day。 Please see before boarding。
129th (water)
3101Then   1 station   7:55Start of minute ride
3102Then Taiwan

For flights departing from Sapporo、You cannot park for a long time because you are riding on a general road。
The bus will arrive in front of the Kamori Building 5 minutes before the departure time。
If there are many、We will start boarding earlier than the scheduled time。
You may have to wait depending on the timing。
Thank you for your understanding。

New Year holidays、When there are many reservations due to consecutive holidays etc.、It is expected to be very crowded, so、Combined with the Please note the following thank you so you can refer to us。
For large buses、1We are planning to carry about 30 to 40 people per car。
* During newborn coronavirus infection prevention measures、We secure the number of seats so that we do not share seats with customers of other groups。(Family、Please share your companion)
Please refer to this page for other measures。→ About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus

1.Please pick up your ticket at the counter on the 1st floor of Kamori Building 3.。 After confirming by name、I will give you a ticket。Collect when boarding。 2.Please disinfect your hands before boarding。 3.You cannot get off the bus after boarding。Shopping、Please finish the restroom first。 4.You cannot get off the bus after boarding。Please leave large luggage with the driver when boarding。 5.Please wear a mask to prevent droplet infection while riding.。 If you do not cooperate, we may refuse to board.。 For the safe and comfortable operation、I will your understanding and your cooperation of everybody。