About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus of service bus

First of all、 I would like to express my sympathy to those who have been affected by the new coronavirus infection.。I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the medical professionals who continue to work so hard.。
Kamori Kanko Co.,LTD、is striving to strengthen hygiene in accordance with the "New Hokkaido Style" 、Safety Declaration announced by the government to put into practice the "New Lifestyle"、and the "Guidelines for Responding to the New Coronavirus in the Travel Industry".。
Please note that、due to changes in the business climate、we may have to make sudden changes in the way、we do business in order to ensure the safety of our customers 、 and employees.。

Request to customers

[Checking temperature]
・Temperature check before boarding.。37.5 ℃ : You cannot board if your temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius and you are not feeling well.。
・ Depending on the route、staff may take your temperature before you board.。
※Please note※
If you are unable to board、you will be responsible for arranging your own alternative transportation、and will be responsible for the cost。
If you are not feeling well、please take it easy and refrain from traveling。If there is any change in your health condition during your stay、please contact us as soon as possible。
[About social distancing and seating]
・ Please allow plenty of space、when meeting、getting on and off the bus。
・You may be seated with customers from other groups。
[Disinfect your hands and wearing a mask]
・ Please disinfect your hands before boarding.。
・ Please keep wearing a mask and、refrain from talking loudly。or having long conversations on the bus.。
[About food and drink on the bus]
・ Drinking alcohol is not allowed on the bus。
・ Please refrain from eating on the bus.。
・ Please take all trash with you。

Initiatives at a bus company
Based on "Guidelines for Coronavirus in Chartered Buses"、We have instructed the operating bus companies to implement the following

・Ventilation during each operation : Open windows and doors before and after operation、 and during standby.
・Ventilation during operation: : Windows 、The windows may be opened for ventilation (During winter operation, do not open to prevent freezing.。)
·Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection:、 Handrails that : Come in direct contact are especially carefully cleaned.
・ Management of crew members' physical condition : Temperature check before starting work、thorough hand washing、and disinfection of hands, 、and wearing masks during operation.

・ See also the leaflet issued by the Nihon Bus Association。About measures on chartered buses
・ For more information on ventilation in buses、 please refer to the experimental images below.。By turning on the ventilation function、the air will be replaced in about 5 minutes.。
Reference: :Video of ventilation experiment inside a Chartered Bus (From Mitsubishi Fuso website) ※Please note that jumbo taxies and small buses may be used instead of Chartered Bus (large sized bus)。